Case study


Urios, a practice management system specially developed for the legal profession, consists of a Windows application, an Outlook plug-in for managing e-mail and storage in the customer folder and a web app. Urios was developed in C# .Net and communicates through APIs with many other systems including accounting packages such as Yuki and Twinfield. The team for Urios consists of four part-time C# .Net developers, a part-time ASP .Net developer for the web app and two testers. This team covers the entire life cycle from development and testing and then delivery of the new functionalities for Urios.

The development of product software requires a completely different approach than custom made software. For example, it is always necessary to carefully consider which wishes coming from the many different users will or will not be implemented. These decisions are made by the management of Urios in consultation with Lev IT. It is important for Urios and for Lev IT to ensure that new or modified functionality does not get in the way of other users. In addition, the program must also work in many different environments.

Our own processes are designed in such a way that quality is properly monitored. Good code reviews are provided, testing will be done by various testers and finally the new version is first distributed to a few users designated by Urios. When it appears that the new delivered version is stable, it will be made permanently available and the whole life cycle start again. After all, product software is never finished.


Tailored made software doesn't have to be expensive

Having our main delivery unit in Ukraine we offer very good value for money. The country is famous for its very well educated workforce while many people call it "IT forge of frames". That allows us to provide programming services of exceptional quality with reasonable price - standard PHP or Wordpress developer costs only 30 Euro per hour, iOS/Android application developer could be offered for 45 Euro, Senior and managerial positions are 95 Euro per hour. The last but not least is that when dealing with us you receive the commercial contract instead of employment agreement which gives you number of legal and tax advantages. Want to learn more ? Just contact us and describe your needs.